Video Production

Visual story-telling is one of our strong suits. The producers at Sterling Media Northwest have been executing quality film and video production for over 25 years. We take pride in creating highly effective TV and internet video messages and commercial campaigns that bring real results.


Whether in studio or on-location with quality talent direction, to capturing live events with multiple cameras and photographers, our production team has the years experience with the technical and directorial skills to capture and create something you will be proud of.

In recent years, the advancement of technology and how we consume visual media has changed some of the methodology behind how we produce messages for the different screens people are watching on. It’s more than just our professional HD cameras, audio and lighting gear, high-end editing software and expensive computer technology and associated hardware, but also about having the expertise to deliver the right message for the right audience, designed for the right platforms. Different creative design for different sized screens is important to be conscious of. If someone is watching on a smart-phone, or tablet, laptop or large flat-screen TV on the wall, the needs for layout and creative messaging may be greatly varied to be effective. For top quality video production for television, mobile or other digital platforms, look to the professional creative team at Sterling Media Northwest.

Featured Work