Public Relations

Public relations is more vital than ever before, especially given the explosion of consumer engagement through new and social media, the collapse of trust in major institutions and the increasing need for reputation management. We can help you build strategic relationships, generate confidence with your customer-base, leverage news media influence, and stay ahead of your competition with a ever-more valuable PR tool box that we have at our disposal. PR should be an integral part of your marketing strategy and communication techniques and we can help maximize that effort for your benefit.

We have years of experience with publicity, writing press releases, promoting events, coordinating with municipal bodies, and working in and with the news media. Proper public relations is a key part of any marketing plan and crucial for any business that has a public presence. Does your organization need a simple press release written and distributed to all of the local or regional media? We can do that. Need someone to plan, design and execute a favorable PR campaign for your business to be rolled out over weeks, months or years. Sterling Media NW can do that! Need promotion and public relations for an upcoming event like a new store grand opening? Let Sterling Media Northwest take the worry off of your hands. Need to build a new image in the public eye of what it is that you do and who are? We can do it!

Sterling Media Northwest can be your consultant and partner when it comes to public relations. Chances are, that you and your staff are already putting hard work into programs, offerings, operations, sales incentives, charitable contributions and public events. All it takes is an objective perspective to help realize what you already do and capitalize on those efforts for your company’s benefit. Let us use our years of experience to plan a PR campaign that will make the most of your business activities.

Our PR professionals can work from your business model and your own efforts to devise a plan to help you move forward with the most “top of mind” equity. A Good PR agency can help you avoid the potential storms on the horizon, and always find favorable sailing conditions. Sterling Media Northwest will help you make the most of your new product launch, sales event or grand opening. Let us help make the community aware of all the good things you do for your favorite charities without “tooting your own horn” – and help the charity, organization or program gain best benefit at the same time.

Let us stage contact with the media for major events or press conferences to ensure that you are in control of the dissemination of information to the media news outlets in a strategic way to gain the most benefit for your organization and for the public at large. We can work to get pro-active public awareness and education programs underway, to encourage a positive association with your company name in the communities that you serve. Let us help make every event and new step forward with your company a positive one. Sterling Media Northwest is your one-stop-PR-shop! Contact us right away for a PR consultation.


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