Media Buying

With the rapidly changing media landscape, changing media usage behavior, new and developing targeting methods and software, as well as the availability of new rating systems and granular data, media buying is a fast evolving science. The Sterling Media Northwest team is constantly investing in new training and technology to keep up to date with whats working and the best practices in the industry. To make the best use of your advertising dollars, trust in an ad agency like us to negotiate on your behalf and place your media buys with proper orchestration. TV, radio, print, outdoor, digital, social, or wherever you need to be, we can get you there for best effect.

media buyingWe focus on the advertising and an overall marketing plan to gain your business the best results. Frequently, we find that better utilizing the existing budget – with proper structure, focus, and application, in combination with the right creative elements – can make all the difference.  It all comes down to the correct combination of effective creative messaging, targeted message placement, proper frequency, and the business experience, media relationships and savvy to gain the most benefit possible for an advertiser’s budget. We can work on a project-by-project or campaign basis, or on a quarterly or annual retainer plus ‘Marketing War Chest’ basis for on-going branding, monthly specials or sales incentive programs. We can work with your manufacturers for co-op advertising coordination as needed, too.

In the changing world of buying media, be it traditional TV via the Upfronts, or the more flexible and targeted, data-driven, Programmatic-buying brokerage systems for TV and digital placement, there’s so much to know and keep up with just to stay effective. Place your confidence in an agency like Sterling Media Northwest to make the most of your media budget for the best results.

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