Graphic Design

Our design team creates the highest quality layout and graphic design with a mindfulness for brand consistency and effective communication. Regardless of the application, our graphic designers push to take things well beyond just ‘good enough,’ to create something you’ll be wanting to brag about and your customers will be excited to embrace. We strive to turn average consumers into “brand evangelists” who will hold the new product in their hands and shout to the neighborhood, “This is the best darn thing I’ve ever had, and you had all better go and get yours, too!” From effective custom logo design, packaging, signage, banners, promotional items and business materials, to strategic visual branding design for television, web and mobile.


Sometimes the product’s creative may deem that the advertising needs to be more cutting edge than mainstream, more in your face than laid back, more wavy than gravy, and we make sure everything that we design for the campaign to adhere to that paradigm.

Consistency in image building and brand definition is a key part of what Sterling Media Northwest Creative Services contributes to the overall management of the advertising and marketing that we oversee for you.

Trust in an agency like Sterling Media Northwest to ensure that the approach fits the medium and implementation of the creative provides congruent and uniform branding across all the media we decide to utilize with our clients.

Some of our Graphic Design services include: Branding and Corporate Image, Business Cars, Letter Head & Envelopes, Rack Cards, Brochures, Menus, Signage, Banners, Flags, Vinyl Decals, and more. Promotional Products like travel mugs, tee-shirts, jackets, hoodies, pens, hats, matchbooks, frisbees, calendars, notepads, postcards, key chains, flashlights, etc.

Featured Work