Event Promotion

Creating, designing and promoting an event is an art form unto itself. Sterling Media Northwest has a solid track record of successful event promotion for our clients. Events are a great way to get people excited about who you are and what you do and can attach a personal, tangible identity to your brand image. Events for a product launch, seasonal event or holiday, new location, or anniversary are all great ways to engage and celebrate your fans and employees.

event promoNearly every business finds itself in need of hosting an event at some point, and maximizing the benefit of the efforts behind that event are one of our specialties. Utilizing new and traditional media to bring the right people to your event and capitalize on the opportunity for a brand-building experience, data collection, social media exposure, and new customer conversion takes a big-picture approach that only a forward thinking and experienced advertising agency can provide.

The methods you need to use to promote your event will depend on its purpose, the likely audience, the best ways to reach that audience, and your promotional goals resources. We bring all of our years of experience in targeted marketing, graphic design, audience reach, media placement, search and social media marketing to make your event a success on each and every level possible leverage the investment to the greatest benefit for your company or organization.

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