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Sterling Media Northwest can save you time and money by managing all of your marketing, advertising & design needs under one roof. In pursuit of growing your company’s business, we guarantee a united approach, consistent message & targeted direction.

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Before beginning a project and investing in the services of an agency like ours, it is important for clients to determine what their priorities are; Does your project have a tight deadline which requires completion by a certain date NO MATTER WHAT!? Do you have HIGH STANDARDS for the finished product and desire it to be “done right” with quality materials/production? Is there a flexible budget or is keeping COSTS DOWN at the top of your list?

At Sterling Media Northwest, we personally strive to offer services which meet or exceed client expectations, at the industry standard rates or lower and in a reasonable time frame or by the requested deadline. That being said… below is a good exercise (Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick 2!) for every client who is looking to invest in our creative/agency services.

Potential clients, if you are looking for the quickest and cheapest services in the industry, honestly we are probably not the most compatible agency for you. We desire long term relationships with our clients and consider compatibility and trust in our expertise, necessary ingredients for our partnership’s success. Our team prefers to take a deeper look into creative solutions which will benefit you in the long run, not just short term needs. For example: If you are in need of a website or television commercial, it is probable our first question will be… Do you have a logo design for your organization/business? If the answer is NO, most likely we will recommend first establishing your company’s brand, beginning with logo creation before diving into your request. Trust Us! This suggestion will only help your business overall. Customer Service, Effective Solutions, Product/Service Quality and our company’s Financial Integrity rank high on our priority list! What are your priorities?


Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick 2

Good + Fast = Expensive

Choose good and fast and we will postpone every other job, cancel all appointments and stay up 25-hours a day just to get your job done. But, don’t expect it to be cheap.

Good + Cheap = Slow

Choose good and cheap and we will do a great job for a discounted price, but be patient until we have a free moment from paying clients.

Fast + Cheap = Inferior

Choose fast and cheap and expect an inferior job delivered on time. You truly get what you pay for, and in our opinion this is the least favorable choice of the three.

People often think of advertising agencies as managing large, expensive ad campaigns for big brands. But most advertising agencies make their money by running a variety of targeted smaller ad campaigns and placing advertising in associated local media. Advertising agencies can benefit any size business by saving time and money, providing an objective point of view and creating brand awareness amongst your desired customers.

1) Expertise

Many businesses turn to advertising agencies for their expertise and specialized knowledge. Small businesses, in particular, may not have their own marketing department, and so may need the depth of expertise an agency can provide. Agencies will usually have access to researchers, media buyers, artists, film makers and other experts who can provide advertising know-how that small businesses cannot afford to hire for themselves. Small advertising agencies may specialize in one particular area of expertise, such as online advertising, so it is important that you know what type of advertising you are interested in before choosing an agency.

2) Saving Time

Using an advertising agency can save a business valuable time. Hiring an advertising agency means that you and your staff do not need to spend time developing an advertising campaign. This is especially important if you do not have staff that are dedicated to advertising work. Hiring an agency will free your staff to do what they have been trained for. Most small business owners are busy enough running their business to give the creation of an ad campaign the time and energy it needs. So, hiring an agency can also free you to spend more time running your business.

3) Saving Money

Although it may seem as though hiring an advertising agency will be expensive, you need to consider that an agency can save you a lot of money on ad placement. Most agencies are given discounts by publishers, and radio and TV stations, so they can get cheaper rates than someone dealing directly. Agencies can also easily redesign ads to be more effective while taking up a smaller amount of space, saving your business more money. We can also negotiate better than average deals and get specials last-minute offerings based on our relationships and regular media contact.

4) Brand Development

Even for experienced businesses, developing a brand can be a complex undertaking. Advertising agencies can help this process by developing logos and advertising that will develop brand awareness. They can also provide you with research that will allow you to target the most effective market. Agencies can also help design your ads for individual media so that you can get the most effective advertising in each market.


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