Our Team

A Creative Cooperative

We believe “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” and in the power of people to build their own future through collaboration across diverse disciplines, expertise and experience. We are always excited about new partnerships with talented individuals. Contact Us to inquire about employment, internship & creative partnership opportunities! Below are statements from some of our past and present employees, inters and creative partners.


Working with the staff at SMNW on various projects has been a great learning experience and allowed me to see what a talented group of people they are and the passion and energy they put into each project for their clientele !
Tony Culjis- Web Development Services-WebWorm.Biz
I truly value the awesome t.e.a.m. of passionate people that surround me daily. Having the ability to explore various dimensions of such creativity is a stellar experience. Freedom in a cup, it is!
Shawna Johnston- Office Manager
I’ve learned a lot about how to do certain visual things and been able to teach myself some sound and special effects skills. It’s a great experience and and there’s always something new to tackle on every project!
Tyler Hensen- Video Production
Sterling Media Northwest works so hard with only care and passion in mind. The owners are really special people who want to help businesses grow and share stories for a lifetime of fun and happiness.
Katie Wiseman- Social Media Manger (Past)
These guys work so hard and produce excellent quality work every time. But above all they truly care about their clients and their community’s well being. It’s an amazing thing to see.
Emily Higgins- Creative Intern (Past)
I loved working here. A super creative team with an extreme dedication to customer service.
Phillip Cornwell- Web Developer (Past)

Troy Sterling Woody

Founder & Creative Director
“The Future is being written right here, right now. How do you want it to read?”
  • Sales & Marketing95%
  • Video Production95%
  • Media Buying90%
  • Creative Direction100%
  • Public Relations85%
  • Business Management80%


Troy founded Sterling Media Northwest after over 25 years in advertising, to be focused on marketing company’s business operations in many different categories; from tourism & destination, to the retail sector, auto dealerships, solar energy, healthcare practices, insurance, commercial ship building, restaurants, transportation, cities and regions. His approach to develop a deep understanding of the businesses that he consult with is key to developing the comprehensive, precise, and multifaceted plan to ensure success and attainment of goals. Troy works diligently with his team to develop effective marketing strategies & grow relationships with media in regional markets to gain the greatest benefit for their client’s advertising dollars. Troy’s personal goals are to help businesses, organizations and cities grow sustainably; especially those who are working to improve humanity, health, environment, & the economy.


Michelle Sterling Woody

Creative Marketing Designer
“Design is an opportunity for invention, creativity happens when you imagine something from nothing.”
  • Advertising Design90%
  • Web Design70%
  • Event Promotion80%
  • Print & Layout Design100%
  • Logos & Branding85%
  • Commercial Photography75%


Michelle knew at an early age that she wanted to work in the fields of advertising and design. After studying advertising and achieving her BFA in Graphic Design at S.C.A.D., The Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, Georgia, she returned to the West Coast, and began her work at Sterling Media Northwest. While developing marketing design and branding for clients throughout the Northwestern United States with great success, she grew from the title and position of Creative Marketing Designer to full agency partner. Her passion for creating effective and memorable work, drive her quest for constant learning and the tackling of new technological proficiencies and techniques.